Pioneering. Transforming. Enduring.

California, one of the biggest and most beautiful states in America, offers a full range of terrains and areas. Mountains, valleys and vast forests all come together to make the state one of the most sought-after places to live and do business. However, along with the beautiful landscape comes a variety of challenges regarding engineering, surveying and land planning. When businesses in California need these services, contacting us here at Realm Engineering, Surveying and Land Planning can ensure your civil engineering project gets the attention of a dedicated civil engineering firm that’s been serving the state for many years.

Realm is different. We use strategic focus, critical thinking, and innovate problem-solving techniques to ensure that we understand the goals of each of our clients. By pioneering change, we strive to transform our communities into areas that are more appealing and enjoyable for work and play.

Our founder, Jason Vine, P.E., is an outstanding engineer in California with the vision of creating a company that had a collaborative approach to any type of project. Realm is the realization of his vision. We continuously strive to provide dependable and quality work.

Our Services

When you’re working with us here at Realm, you can be sure you you’ll be able to get your project done by qualified professionals with years of experience. Located in Redding, we provide the North State area with such services as:
Environmental protection management
Construction management
Engineering design
Land planning

Because we know our state has a diverse blend of clients and communities, our goal is to listen, understand and develop customized engineering plans that include creative ideas and progressive solutions to meet the goals of each and every client.

Engineering Design

As a full-service civil engineering firm, one of our specialties is engineering design. Working with the latest advanced drafting techniques and 3D technology, we’re able to develop plans that incorporate not only our client’s ideas, but other concepts that will help to make the project a success. Examples of projects we use these services in include:
Residential subdivisions
Roadway design
Flood certifications
Hydrology reports

Our Projects

What makes our firm stand apart from others is our project diversification. Whether it’s a timber-framed structure or a state-of-the-art educational facility, Realm can get the job done exactly to your specifications. As a leader in the state’s quest to work with alternative energy, we are proud to have been involved in the installation of over 20 solar and wind energy sites throughout the state. Some examples of our most recent projects include:
Dick’s Sporting Goods
E.T. Solar
Cinders Pizza

Whether it’s a national franchise or a local business, we’re always ready and willing to put our skills to the test to help our clients see their dreams come true.