Engineering, Surveying, and Land Planning in Santa Rosa and Redding

Throughout Northern California, changes in our state’s economy as well as attention to new regulations concerning property use have resulted in the need for a complete and total commitment to thorough engineering design for land development. Concerns over wetland protection, pollution control, and ease-of-access requirements means detailing construction plans down to the last miniscule subsections. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations can result in the failure to implement a workable construction or other land use plan.

Realm Engineering is a forward-thinking civil engineering group that focuses on balancing the needs of the client with the importance of environmental safety. We are an authority on land use planning and construction outlines featuring the very latest in ecological concerns, energy management, and progressive construction procedures. Serving all of Northern California, including Santa Rosa and Redding, our company is committed to the engineering of workable land use plans that incorporate every possible contingency not only for the present, but for decades to come.

The Importance of Proper Land Use Engineering

Every property is unique. The location, geological makeup of the soil, water runoff tendencies, and accessibility via existing roadways and utility lines are all concerns when it comes time to plan for structural development. Property owners or commercial land investors know that unless all of the features of the land in question are taken into account, money will be wasted and development will slow to a crawl.

At Realm Engineering, our focus is on providing the client with:

  • detailed engineering reports that include accurate surveys
  • alternatives for energy use, including solar or hydro power
  • complete reports on road access possibilities, likely energy consumption, and area water conservation
  • affordable construction plans that meet with approval by bidding subcontractors

In addition to our experienced surveying and engineering design work for undeveloped property, Realm Engineering offers expert advice on renovations of existing structures. Depending on the actual use of the existing building and surrounding property, limitations may exist on how remodeling can be designed. Concerns over changes in street access, utility connections, and waste water management are our specialties.

Working Closely with the Client

From Santa Rosa, the northern coastal communities, and the Sacramento Valley northward to Redding, the diversity of our state’s economy can clearly be seen. Pear orchards sit adjacent to metalworking factories, rice marshes share riverbanks with warehousing facilities, and retail strip malls sit next to sensitive wetlands.

Before committing to any construction or land use plan, it’s crucial that commercial property owners contract with an experienced engineering and land survey firm that will take the time to listen to all proposed uses for the property. Only then can a feasible, environmentally friendly construction project begin to take shape. At Realm Engineering, our mission is a simple one: We focus on designing a workable plan for the client that takes into account every conceivable problem concerning energy usage, water pollution or runoff complications, and regulation-abiding street access.

Contact Us for Expert Advice

From the first consultation with the client to the final engineering blueprints, count on us at Realm Engineering to make your construction plan a truly workable one. We offer the latest in alternative energy source implementation, flood control plans and wetland protection, and designs that comply with all easement and variance regulations. Call us today and begin a relationship with a civil engineering group that truly cares about our Northern California economy as well as our sensitively balanced ecosystem.


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